Inés, the flordeasoka bride who got married in orange boots.

Soria, orange and flordeasoka.

Soria, orange and flordeasoka

The place where we met,
on a horse, laughing and laughing
Where he asked me to marry him.
Soria, because it is also the place of my grandparents, my roots.
Because it is beautiful in winter, because we love to eat and drink good wine.

Orange, my favourite colour.
Along with the other two complementary colours, green and purple.
Because I’ve been wearing orange boots for two years now and they go with me wherever I go.
It couldn’t be any other way.
Orange. An autumnal colour, entertaining and always close to nature.

For me, flordeasoka is inspiration. In every sense of the word.
I feel admiration for the work behind each shoe made with so much care and enthusiasm.
I support Spanish fashion.
For me flordeasoka is comfort. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve been able to stand a whole wedding in high heels.

Photography Dos Más En La Mesa. (link: https://dosmasenlamesa.com)
Dress de Laure de Sagazan.